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Activity: The reproductive process of plants - Part 1 – Level 3

Achievement Objectives

3.2 Compare the reproduction of some native plants such as punga, harakeke, rimu and kōwhai.Te Marautanga o Aotearoa:(p.100 Te Ao Tūroa, Te Rauropi 2)

Learning Outcome

I will be able to:

  • describe how different plants reproduce
  • make comparisons on how different plants reproduce

Success criteria

Success criteria Self-assessment Peer assessment Teacher assessment
I can describe how different plants reproduce.                  
I can make comparisons on how different plants reproduce.                  

Find out from your whānau, kaumatua and the internet about how punga, harakeke, rimu and kōwhai reproduce. You may want to examine parts of the plants using a magnifying glass and make drawings. Also you could find out more about them using books or the internet. Once you know how these plants reproduce, you can compare these plants with each other. In your comparison you will need to include the following:

  • Which of these plants produce flowers? If some plants do not produce flowers, what do they have instead and how do they reproduce?
  • Do these plants produce seeds? If not what do they have instead?
  • If they produce seeds what are they like? Are the seeds in two parts like a peanut, or are they in one part like a corn kernel? What is the difference between plants that are made with seeds that have one part compared to plants that have two parts to their seeds?

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