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Which part of the leaf contains muka? Level 4

Achievement objectives - Whāinga paetae: Te aka

4.2. All organisms are built of cells. Although cells are very small, the materials in them are involved in certain biological processes. Te Marautanga o Aotearoa: (p.101) te ao tūroa, te rauropi 1 and 2

The harakeke leaf is made of many tiny units called cells. Cells are like living bags and are so small they can only be seen using a microscope (makes very small things appear much larger). When you look at some cells under the microscope they look like they form a brick wall. All living things are made of cells. The cells have special jobs inside the leaf. Some cells open and close holes to let air in and out of the leaf, whereas other cells make a waxy coat to stop the leaf drying out.

When harakeke is stripped, the muka and top layer separate from the rest of the leaf.

Diagram 3 - Leaf structure
Diagram 4 - Cross section

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